Serenity Touch Massage

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


1-Hour Sessions $55

Swedish Massage - A massage that uses light to moderate pressure, with techniques varying from gliding to kneading, creating a relaxing and therapeutic experience

Deep Tissue Massage-Beneficial for the physically active individual, this therapeutic treatment provides a deep, strong massage to alleviate tightness and chronic muscle tension

Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage- A special type of massage therapy that is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing body.This is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness.

Sports Massage-Sports Massage is geared toward the physically active and/or those participating in athletic activities. The strokes are generally performed faster than with a Swedish massage and they include stretching and compression. 

Couples Massage- Designed for two, a great massage that stimulates energy and positively affects your mood. Enjoy in this luxurious experience with a friend, family member or any love one. (PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE)

Foot Reflexology Massage- Revitalize your tired feet with the healing art that focuses on the pressure points in the feet to soothe the entire body.-35 MIN

Chair Massage-Chair massage is a massage of the back, shoulders, neck, and arms in which the massage recipient sits comfortably and fully clothed in a specially designed massage chair. The therapist kneads, lifts, and stretches the muscles and soft tissues. No oils used. 30 MIN

 Hot Stones-A totally different way to promote physical and emotional balance. The heat from the smooth lava stones radiate deep into muscles, relieving tension balancing energy and bringing the body into a meditative and harmonious state.-65 MIN


Therapeutic Aromatherapy-The use of plant oils to help alleviate physical and psychological disorders. Aromatherapy work  two ways- through skin absorption and inhalation. Aromatherapy can help you achieve the state of mind and body you desire. It also relaxes tight and tense muscles, and facilitates stimulation of blood and lymph circulation. 

Soothing Foot Scrub-After being wrapped in warm, steamy towels, your ankles, soles and toes are gently exfoliated with a sea salt or sugar scrub. Once smooth, your feet are treated with a hydrating and softening Shea butter and reflexology massage.

Hands and Feet Treat- Get your hands and feet deep conditioned with our special blend of essential oils and moisturizer. Combining this with massage, heat and exfoliating, you will have smooth hands and feet. With the essential oils it can also work as a detox for the body.15 MIN

Focus Massage- Refresh with this focused 30 minute therapeutic massage. Your therapist will work on a specific area of tension. For many people this is the shoulders, neck and upper back. This is a great service if you are limited on time or don’t want a full-body massage. 30 MIN

Allergy/Sinus ReliefGet relief with this effective service! An extended head and face massage incorporating lymphatic drainage strokes is included with our Signature massage. Therapeutic grade essential oils are used reduce congestion and headaches caused by allergies and sinus pressure.-30 MIN


Acne Management- "TEEN CHOICE" facial designed to combat unsightly blemishes & breakouts by deep cleaning the skin, drawing out impurities to prevent future breakouts. Specialty mask b& pore cleansing is KEY! For maximum results..... Once a week, for six weeks.

Age Smart Facial- Relaxation pampering facial designed to address age-related skin changes. Using Skin Script Age-Smart products, this treatment cleanses, and exfoliates with lactic acid, which smooths and re-textures the skin. A mini hot stone massage is performed to relax the facial muscles, followed by a serum booster, & nourishing Vitamin masque, giving your skin the ultimate GLOW! For maximum results...... Once every 1-2 weeks is recommended.

Back Treatment- Dry Brush exfoliation, deep cleansing, and Sugar Scrub of choice starts this relaxing back treatment, followed by a mini hot oil, stress relieving massage. To finish, aromatherapy steam towels are applied to the back, ending with a hydrating masque, & moisturizer. 30 Min

Classic European Facial- Facial that starts calmly with a deep cleansing procedure, including aromatherapy steam, yummy seasonal exfoliator, and skin polisher. Next, I spend time extracting, and cleaning out any clogged pores. We go back to the calmness of hot steam towels, and a soothing clay mask tailored to fit your skins specific needs, drawing out any impurities, & toxins in the skin. To end this relaxing facial, serums and moisturizers are applied to the skin to prevent any further breakouts. 60 Min

Express Facial- Quick Professional exfoliation facial, without the amenities of a full service. Great for prepping the skin for flawless make-up application, or skin maintenance.

Sensitive Skin's Favorite- Just because you have sensitive skin, doesn't mean you don't fit in!! I offer a verity of fragrance-free natural mask, moisturizers, and organic exfoliate that are just for you. Just add your concerns, issues, or allergies to the note section of your customer card, and your facial will be tailored to fit your needs. 40 Min

Lightening & Brightening GLOW Facial- Designed to lighten uneven skin tone. This facial uses Vitamin C serum, penetrated by a Derma-Roller, concentrating on product absorption for maximum benefits. Hot aromatherapy steam towels are used to refresh the skin, followed by a lightening agent of choice, as well as a hyaluronic acid treatment. I then use an organic shea mask as a barrier to force feed those nutrients into the skin as you relax for an exfoliating hand & arm massage. When this treatment ends, you are practically ready for bed! Zzzz. 45 Min


Leg & Foot Sugar Scrub- All body treatments include: Dry Brush Exfoliation, Sugar Scrub of choice, Specialty Mask, Hot Stone Massage, & Soothing Organic Body Butter. 30 Min

Hand & Arm Sugar Scrub- All body treatments include: Dry Brush Exfoliation, Sugar Scrub of choice, Specialty Mask, Hot Stone Massage, & Soothing Organic Body Butter. 30 Min

Full Body Scrub & Polisher- Get wrapped up in Lemongrass. Our spring wrap begins with a dry brush exfoliation to prepare your skin for a Lemongrass hydrating mineral scrub. This experience concludes aromatic lemongrass body butter. 75 Min

$100-Sip and Soak- While sipping on your favorite drink, sit back and soak in our special moisturizing foot bath. Followed by our special blend of Sea Salt Foot Scrub to help exfoliate and hydrate your feet. Finish this with a full table Massage. *Bring your drink, a friend or love one to make it a special time.* 1 1/2 HR.. IF YOU HAVE A GROUP PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL PARTIES ARRIVE ON TIME TO GET THE FULL ALLOTTED TIME.


Available for parties, corporate events and bridal showers. PLEASE CALL FOR MORE PRICING